Get your salon summer ready


With spring in the air (and the hay-fever to prove it) my thoughts move towards preparations for the hotter season. As we know this is the perfect time of year to build our client base and expand the salon experience of our existing clientele.
With all this opportunity on the horizon, if we do not create a plan of action the opportunities will slip through our fingers. Here’s a few thoughts to assist in your summer season planning.

Set your goals now,
• This time of year is a perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and push the boundaries. Look at turn-over goals, increased spend per client, new client retention. Remember to split your turnover goals into Retail and Treatment turnover.

Take a quick break,
• The demand on your and your staffs time and energy will increase as silly season hits. You can’t start the season on an empty tank. Perhaps an afternoon off with a small team building exercise to get everyone geared up and excited. A happy worker is an energised worker – And that includes you!

• Don’t be caught off guard, an empty shelf doesn’t sell. Slowly build up your retail and professional stock levels to ensure you are well prepared and confident for the increased demand and turnover opportunities.
• Ask your suppliers for shut-down and re-opening dates so you can plan accordingly.
• Don’t leave it until the last minute, you never know what can happen

Stay focused,
• Don’t become distracted from your goals, keep them visual and don’t take your eye off the prize

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